MP Report July 9, 2021

Bill C-10 Status: 

Late in the night of June 21st, Bill C-10 moved forward in the legislative process when the Trudeau Liberals took extraordinary steps to gag their MPs from defending freedom of speech and steamrolled the bill forward without proper debate.

When the Trudeau government introduced bill C-10 last November, the Minister of Canadian Heritage told the House of Commons the bill’s amendments to the Broadcasting Act were aimed at benefiting Canada’s artists and musicians by forcing web giants to increase investments in Canadian content.

This initial commitment seemed reasonable especially considering the need for our Broadcasting Act to be modernized in light of the major changes in where and how we source music, television and film entertainment.

C-10’s progression took a sudden turn on April 23 when the Liberal members studying the bill at Committee Stage, amended the bill to extend its powers to the regulation of user-generated content on social media platforms.

While Canadians are stuck at home and relying on social media for information, connectivity, and entertainment more than ever before, the Liberal government is quietly moving to radically change how Canadians use the internet.

My Conservative colleagues and I support creating a level playing field between large foreign streaming services and Canadian broadcasters and championing Canadian arts and culture, but we would do so without compromising Canadians’ fundamental rights and freedoms.

C-10 is now at Senate review stage that is slated to resume in the fall. During early debate in the Senate, one Independent Senator, David Adams Richards stated, “I don’t think this bill needs amendments. I think, however, it needs a stake through the heart.”

Only time will tell if C-10, in its current form, survives Senate scrutiny to move on to Royal Accent, or if it will die on the order paper if an early election is called.  Regardless of the fate of Bill C-10, My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to fight for the freedom of expression for all Canadians.