Editorial: Canada Faces Mounting Challenges

Shuswap Scoop March 1, 2022

Canada faces many mounting challenges as we see perhaps more division amongst Canadians than ever before. Divisions have grown as Canada faces not just one crisis, but multiple layers of crises and unprecedented challenges.

As these divisions and crises increase, I believe Canadians look to Parliament for the leadership required to start healing divisions and focus on the questions requiring answers for the federal government to provide Canadians a plan to overcome the challenges we face.

Last month, I voted in favour of a Conservative motion that proposed a reasonable approach to help lower the temperature across Canada by providing Canadians a plan and timeline for ending federal mandates and restrictions. The motion was defeated by the governing party and PM who voted against the proposal then declared a public order emergency and invoked extraordinary powers under the Emergencies Act.

The Emergencies Act was created in 1988 with clear requirements for justifying any government’s use of its powers and was also created to replace the War Measures Act and prevent the abuses inflicted under the previous act by Canadian governments as they imposed forced internments based on race and heritage during both World Wars.

The government’s invocation of Emergencies Act powers was problematic because clear and reasonable justifications for using the extraordinary powers were not provided by the government before, during or after their declaration. I voted against the government’s declaration, but it was passed by the governing party with the support of the NDP.

The PM then revoked his declaration less than 48 hours after he forced it through the House of Commons by threatening another unnecessary election if it was defeated. When its powers are invoked, the Emergencies Act requires the establishment of a lean, opposition-heavy oversight committee to review its use, but this process is being delayed by efforts of the governing party and NDP to design a committee slanted in their favour.

While my Conservative colleagues and I continue to press for accountability and leadership to unite Canadians and provide a plan for emerging from the pandemic, we also continue to press the government to deliver timely and meaningful support for Ukraine.

Together with millions of Canadians and the Ukrainian community in Canada, we condemn Putin’s actions. Putin’s contemptible aggression and invasion of Ukraine is unacceptable; his attack on the Ukrainian people and their democratically elected government is despicable.

My Conservative colleagues and I continue to press the Government of Canada to deliver the decisions and actions needed to support Ukraine and defend the rules-based international order against these grievous violations of international law.

As your MP, I will continue to press for the leadership necessary to rebuild unity, confront the crises facing Canada and foster development of a comprehensive plan charting Canada’s path forward towards recovery.